Special Space Program

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Launch Vehicle with a New Frame🚀

Mô tả chi tiết

Project description:This is not a casual project, under a special opportunity our team had an accident in an experiment. It was a very serious accident. Specifically, I don't want to recall anymore. But when dealing with accidents found that the values recorded by the instrument were very peculiar. A special structure produces very powerful energy. Based on this, we have done a lot of data simulation. Finally, the most stable simulation data are found. But we need a lot of money to do real simulations.

Speed of progress:

1. Drawing of drawings has been completed 2.Computer simulation has been completed.

3. The partner of the experimental site has been confirmed. 4. The team is ready

Project Key Points:Super Energy Propulsion System

Project Difficulties:Acquisition of High-Performance Materials

Project highlights:You want to witness a miracle with us

Explain a ticket:Many people want to go to space, which is the dream of most people for a variety of reasons, it has not been achieved at the end of the project, we set up a fantastic reward but we will also select some of the other donors our SSP project is for the success of SEC (Space Exploration Colonization) the SEC project is expected to start in 2022 if the SSP project is funded fast enough.

Official website:   https://ssp.lonhun.com     [Our engineers seldom waste their energy on it, so you hasn't seen anything yet.]

Project progress query please check the official website of SSP project

Contact us: ssp@lonhun.ltd

  • Số tiền cần thu được
  • 1.500.000$
  • Đến 26 Tháng Hai 2020
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